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Rouge - China 2012

Rouge - China 2012

Name: Rouge
Breeder: Bred by Zhengzhi Jiang (China, 2012)
Plant Type: Climbing Rose
Height: Up to 3-4 meters tall
Flower Display: Blooms in small clusters, creating an amazing wall view
Foliage: Healthy green leaves
Fragrance: Light fragrance
Suitability: Grows well in partial shade
Disease Resistance: Strong disease resistance

"Rouge" is an exquisite climbing rose variety skillfully bred by Zhengzhi Jiang in China in the year 2012. This climbing rose has the potential to reach heights of 3 to 4 meters, making it a stunning vertical addition to your garden or landscape. Its unique trait of blooming in small clusters contributes to creating a breathtaking wall view that will surely captivate all who see it.

One of the exceptional features of "Rouge" is its ability to repeatedly produce blooms throughout the growing season. This trait ensures a consistent and vibrant display of its charming flowers. The rose's healthy green leaves further enhance its visual appeal, providing an attractive backdrop to its blossoms.

While "Rouge" boasts an impressive stature and blooming habit, it also offers a delicate light fragrance that adds to the sensory experience of your garden. Its adaptability is evident, as it thrives not only in full sun but also in partial shade, providing gardeners with flexibility in choosing the ideal planting location.

Disease resistance is a notable strength of "Rouge." This rose variety is robust and shows resilience against common rose diseases, contributing to its overall health and longevity.

In summary, "Rouge" is a climbing rose that marries beauty and practicality. Its stunning visual display, combined with excellent repeat flowering, healthy foliage, adaptability to partial shade, and strong disease resistance, make it a valuable addition to any garden or outdoor space. Whether adorning a wall or trellis, "Rouge" is sure to make a lasting impression and elevate the aesthetics of your landscape.

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