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My Greenhouse 

My husband gave me this greenhouse as a 5th-anniversary gift, and it has been the best present I've ever received. I find myself spending a significant amount of time in the greenhouse all year round. It's a wonderful space that allows me to nurture and care for various plants, extending our growing season and bringing endless joy to my gardening hobby.

 All started with a tiny Succulent! 

             In 2017, I embarked on a love affair with plants. It began innocently enough with a few succulents adorning the windowsill. By the end of the year, I had three shelves filled to the brim with succulents. After two years of collecting succulents, I turned my attention to mums. In total, I amassed about 80 different mum varieties. However, I found them to be short-lived and lacking in scent. That's when I fell head over heels for roses. It's quite addictive! My husband has even jokingly called me a "plant addict," and I believe he may be right. I noticed that I've shifted my spending away from clothes and makeup, instead investing heavily in roses, pots, soil, fertilizer, and medications.

            I initiated a rose lovers' group where we discuss roses, make joint purchases, learn about their care, classification, grafting, and propagation.

         Apart from roses, I also hold a special fondness for Hydrangeas, especially Japanese Hydrangeas with their delightful double petals. Clematis, Eucalyptus, bougainvillea, tree peonies, lotus, water lilies... the list continues to grow.

       Over the past few years, my backyard has increasingly resembled a nursery. I started selling surplus plants on Facebook to fund my gardening endeavors. After a few successful sales, I realized how much I enjoyed it. I've forged many plant-loving friendships online, and we frequently chat about our green companions.

       In 2021, we registered our nursery as "My Black Thumb." As you can probably guess, I lost quite a few plants initially due to my lack of knowledge about their care. This name serves as a reminder of when my passion for plants began and the determination never to give up.

      Currently, I manage everything on my own. My husband has been incredibly helpful, assisting with digging holes, moving soil, relocating pots, constructing trellises, and collaborating on the rose garden's design. As for my website, I typed it one-handed (as my right hand was injured at the time). I will make every effort to add more information as I gain knowledge about website design.

     Your support for this small family business is greatly appreciated, and I'm open to any suggestions you might have.

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