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Plant Instructions 

Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for shopping with us! When you receive your plants, please water them, and place them in full sun. They can remain in the original 4" pot for another week or two before you repot or replant them.

Container Planting Guidelines:

Pick an appropriately sized pot, either 1 gallon or 2- gallons, ensuring larger options do not exceed 3 gallons initially. Gently transfer your plant from its original pot to the chosen pot. Give it a good drink, making sure the soil is nice and moist. In the beginning, find a spot with 4-6 hours of sunlight for your potted rose, gradually increasing the exposure to full sun over the week.

In-Ground Planting Tips:

For in-ground planting, dig a hole that's about 2 feet by 2 feet, making sure it's both deep and wide. Swap out the soil for some nutrient-rich garden soil. Pop your plant into the hole, making sure it's just right, and water it generously to help it settle into its new home.

Post-Planting Care:

After planting, water the soil slowly, waiting 30 minutes before giving it another sip. Put your rose in a sunny spot with good airflow. If the midday sun gets too intense, give it some shade.

Special Considerations for Shipped Roses:

Roses that have been on a journey might be a bit dry. It's normal if the leaves turn a bit yellow. Just make sure to water it.

Understanding Your Roses:

Remember, even if you start with identical baby roses, they might grow at different rates. Size variations are inherent and influenced by the diverse characteristics and growth habits inherent to different plant varieties.

Growing Tips 


Roses thrive in well-lit environments and require sunlight throughout all seasons. A minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight per day is essential. Insufficient sunlight can result in excessive leaf growth without flowering. Even if buds form, inadequate sunlight may lead to dull colors and diminished fragrance upon blooming.


Roses prefer a cool and warm climate, exhibiting sensitivity to high temperatures. Elevated temperatures can cause certain varieties to experience color changes, lighter hues, reduced flower size, fewer petals, and a shorter blooming period.


When watering roses, it is crucial to maintain a cycle of wet and dry soil. Avoid prolonged periods of dryness and ensure thorough watering. Roses are susceptible to root rot if exposed to stagnant water, a primary cause of their demise. Adequate watering during summer prevents root desiccation. In winter, maintaining semi-moist conditions is sufficient.


Due to the recurrent flowering cycle, roses have a high nutrient demand and require frequent fertilization. During the growing season, approximately every 10-15 days, apply water-soluble fertilizer as per the instructions, avoiding overuse to prevent fertilizer burn. After the blooming period, supplement with 1-2 applications of slow-release fertilizer. Refrain from fertilizing during winter dormancy. In hot and dry conditions, halve the concentration of fertilizer and water.


For ground planting, select well-draining locations with great sunlight and good air circulation. Consider replacing the soil with slightly acidic garden soil with a pH level within the recommended range.

Pest and Disease Control:

Regularly apply protective fungicides and insecticides as a preventive measure. Prevention is more effective than treatment when it comes to pests and diseases.

Flowering Conditions:

Adequate sunlight, good ventilation, sufficient water and nutrients, coupled with proper pruning, are key factors for inducing flowering in roses.

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