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Domaine de Chantilly

Domaine de Chantilly

Name: Domaine de Chantilly
Plant Family: Shrub
Color: Cream, Apricot Shading
Fragrance: Strong
Repeat: Yes
USDA Hardiness Zone: Unknown
Mature Size: 4 feet

"Domaine de Chantilly" is an enchanting shrub rose that captures attention with its delicate cream hue adorned with gentle apricot shading. The combination of these colors adds a touch of elegance and warmth to your garden landscape.

Known for its strong fragrance, "Domaine de Chantilly" offers a sensory-rich experience that elevates the garden ambiance. This fragrant quality enhances the overall charm of the rose and creates a delightful atmosphere in its vicinity.

The rose exhibits a repeat flowering pattern, gracing the garden with its captivating blooms multiple times throughout the season. This ensures a continuous display of its beauty, making it a true garden gem.

While the USDA hardiness zone is unspecified, "Domaine de Chantilly" matures to a height of 4 feet, creating a substantial yet manageable presence in your garden. Its upright growth habit and semi-glossy medium green foliage contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.

A hybrid tea shrub, "Domaine de Chantilly" features orange-yellow blush outer petals with alluring apricot shading. The citrusy, old rose fragrance adds depth and character to its overall charm. The bloom form is remarkably large and full, with up to 80 petals that create a lush and visually pleasing appearance.

With an average diameter of 3.5 inches, the blooms showcase their generous size, further enhancing the rose's impact in the garden. The rose's habit is upright, and its semi-glossy medium green foliage complements the blooms' beauty.

Reaching a height of 39 to 47 inches (100 to 120cm) and a width of 2 to 32 inches (60 to 80cm), "Domaine de Chantilly" offers versatility in garden design, fitting well in various settings. Its exquisite blooms, strong fragrance, and repeated flushes of flowers make it a cherished addition to any garden, evoking a sense of elegance and romance.

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