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Japanese Room/ Washitsu

Japanese Room/ Washitsu

Name: Japanese Room/Washitsu
Plant Family: Shrub
Color: Deep Pink Shading, White/Light Yellow
Fragrance: Medium
Repeat: Yes
USDA Hardiness Zone: 6-9
Mature Size: 2 feet

"Japanese Room," also known as "Washitsu," is a captivating shrub rose that delights the senses with its ever-changing hues and unique color transformations. Its flowers exhibit a mesmerizing interplay of deep pink shading, white, and light yellow tones, creating a dynamic and visually stunning presence in your garden.

With a medium fragrance, this rose variety offers a gentle scent that enriches the garden ambiance. The moderate fragrance level strikes a harmonious balance, enhancing the sensory experience without overwhelming.

One of the most remarkable aspects of "Washitsu" is its ability to change colors depending on its environment. In response to temperature and sunlight, this rose transitions between shades of yellow, white, and deep pink. During hot summer months, increased sun exposure deepens the color to a captivating shade of deep pink. As temperatures cool down, the blooms shift to a creamy yellow with delicate pink edges. This unique and dramatic sensitivity to temperature changes adds a captivating element to your garden landscape.

"Washitsu" is characterized by its slow growth, making it an excellent choice for container gardening. Its compact nature and manageable size of 2 feet make it well-suited for pot cultivation, allowing you to appreciate its beauty up close.

In addition to its stunning color variations, "Washitsu" boasts good disease resistance, ensuring the longevity and health of the plant. The rose blooms in clusters, contributing to an abundant and captivating floral display.

In summary, "Japanese Room" or "Washitsu" is a captivating shrub rose that offers a captivating display of deep pink shading, white, and light yellow tones. Its unique ability to change colors based on temperature and sunlight adds an element of intrigue and wonder to the garden. With its moderate fragrance, versatile growth habit, and disease resistance, it's an exceptional addition to garden landscapes and container gardens. Whether enjoyed individually or as part of a collection, "Washitsu" invites admiration and captivates with its ever-changing and visually striking blooms.

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