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Blue Moon Stone - Japan

Blue Moon Stone - Japan

Blue Moon Stone Rose (蓝月石 ブルー・ムーン・ストーン)

Overview: Blue Moon Stone Rose is a shrub rose known for its captivating charm. Bred by Junko Kawamoto in Japan before 2020, this rose exhibits a delightful blend of lilac and cream shades with light green outer petals. The blooms are small to medium, very full, and showcase a rosette bloom form with a button-eye. The strong, sweet fragrance adds to its allure. Blue Moon Stone is a repeat bloomer, producing flowers in small clusters throughout the season.


  • Name: Blue Moon Stone (蓝月石 ブルー・ムーン・ストーン)
  • Plant Family: Shrub Rose
  • Color: White to Lavender (Lilac, Cream Shading)
  • Fragrance: Strong, Sweet
  • Mature Size: 4’


  • Bloom Form: Very full (41+ petals), Rosette
  • Flowering Habit: Blooms in flushes throughout the season
  • Height: 47“ to 4‘ (120 to 130cm)

Breeder: Bred by Junko Kawamoto in Japan before the year 2020.

Cultivation Tips: Blue Moon Stone Rose, being a shrub rose. It reaches a mature size of 4 feet and boasts a lovely color spectrum from white to lavender. The blooms, with their strong and sweet fragrance, are arranged in small clusters, creating an enchanting visual display. The rosette bloom form and button-eye add a touch of elegance to each flower. This rose is known for its ability to bloom in flushes throughout the season.

Blue Moon Stone Rose is a beautiful addition to gardens, offering both visual appeal and a delightful fragrance that makes it stand out in any landscape.

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