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Fugetsu - Japan

Fugetsu - Japan

Fugetsu Rose (风月)

Overview: Fugetsu Rose is an exceptionally unique cut flower rose, distinguished by its captivating blend of yellow-white and dark pink hues. What sets it apart is the irregular distribution of these colors; the yellow and dark pink tones appear in an entirely unpredictable pattern. Moreover, Fugetsu may produce blooms in two solid colors, adding an intriguing element to its charm.


  • English Name: Fugetsu
  • Color: Yellow with Dark Pink Stripes
  • Fragrance: Moderate
  • Bloom Season: Multi-season repeat bloomer
  • Diameter of Flowers: 8cm
  • Flowering Habit: Prolific bloomer
  • Disease Resistance: Unknown
  • Cold Resistance: Unknown
  • Shade Tolerance: Unknown
  • Place of Origin: Japan

Characteristics: Fugetsu Rose features high-cupped blooms, making it an ideal choice for cut flowers. The flower size is around 8cm, and it carries a moderate fragrance. The overall height of the plant ranges from 80 to 100cm, making it suitable for both potted cultivation and cut flower arrangements.

Cultivation Tips:

  • Flower Shape: High-cupped, suitable for cut flowers.
  • Height: 80-100cm, suitable for both potting and cut flower use.

Fugetsu Rose, with its unpredictable color patterns and appealing flower shape, offers a delightful and intriguing option for those looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their gardens or floral arrangements.

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