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Shinoburedo /blue storm- Japan

Shinoburedo /blue storm- Japan

Blue Storm (Shinoburedo)

Overview: Blue Storm, also known as "Secret Love", is a prolific flowering rose variety introduced by Kyoto Horticultural in Japan. While the breeder named it "Secret Love," the name "Blue Storm" was given by rose geeks. This rose features a cup-shaped, rounded bloom with a large quantity of flowers, a wide diameter, a moderate fragrance, and excellent disease resistance.


  • Name: Blue Storm (Shinoburedo)
  • Characteristics: Not specified
  • Bloom Type: Double, 25-30 petals
  • Color: Light purple
  • Fragrance: Moderate fragrance
  • Bloom Season: Repeated blooms throughout the season
  • Diameter: 8-9cm
  • Flowering Frequency: Frequent blooming
  • Disease Resistance: Disease-resistant
  • Cold Resistance: Not specified
  • Heat Resistance: Not specified
  • Origin: Japan
  • Breeder: Kyoto Horticultural

Features: Blue Storm has a relatively large bloom with 25-30 petals, showcasing a loosely arranged flower structure. The flowers reveal a subtle lavender hue in cooler weather, transitioning to a hint of pink in hotter temperatures. The fragrance is moderately sweet and varies with the seasons.

Noteworthy for a prolific flowering rose, Blue Storm exhibits vigorous growth, making it one of the disease-resistant varieties among blue roses. It performs exceptionally well during hot summer periods. The color transitions and fragrant blooms make Blue Storm an appealing choice for rose enthusiasts. Whether planted in containers or in the ground, this rose stands out as an excellent representative of blue rose varieties.

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