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Sheherazad-Japan 2013

Sheherazad-Japan 2013

Product Description: 'Sheherazade' Rose

Bred by Takunori Kimura (Japan, before 2013). Introduced by Unknown (Japan) in 2013 as 'Sheherazade'.

Unveil the enchanting beauty of the 'Sheherazade' Rose, meticulously crafted by Takunori Kimura in Japan before 2013. Introduced to the world by an unknown entity in Japan in 2013 under the name 'Sheherazade,' this rose embodies the artistry of nature.


  • Type: Floribunda, Shrub
  • Color: Pink blend with Pink and Purple hues
  • Fragrance: Strong and captivating
  • Bloom Diameter: Average 3.25 inches
  • Bloom Form: Medium to large, full (26-40 petals), cluster-flowered, ruffled
  • Blooming: Flushes throughout the season

Plant Characteristics:

  • Size: Medium, bushy, compact
  • Thorns: Thornless or almost thornless
  • Foliage: Small, matte, medium green


  • Height: Up to 28 inches (Up to 70cm)

Elevate your garden with the grace and allure of 'Sheherazade.' This rose variety promises a continuous display of exquisite blooms, harmonizing the beauty of nature with its strong fragrance and vibrant colors. The compact and thornless nature of the plant, coupled with its medium green foliage, makes it a delightful addition to any landscape.

Experience the timeless elegance of 'Sheherazade' and let your garden tell a tale of beauty and sophistication.

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