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Apricot or Apricot Blend Shrub: AUStamora (Exhibition name: Tamora, Shrub, Austin, 1983)

Bred by David C. H. Austin (1926-2018) - United Kingdom, 1983.

Series: English Rose Collection

  • Description:

    • Color: Apricot-yellow with a darker center and lighter edges.
    • Fragrance: Strong, myrrh fragrance.
    • Bloom Form: Cupped, medium to large, very full (41+ petals) in small clusters.
    • Blooming: Flushes throughout the season.
  • Plant Characteristics:

    • Size: Medium, armed with thorns/prickles, bushy, compact.
    • Foliage: Small, semi-glossy, dark green.
  • Dimensions:

    • Height: 39" to 4' (100 to 120cm).
    • Width: 2' to 3' (60 to 90cm).
  • Recommended Use:

    • Zones: USDA zone 5b through 10b.
    • Ideal For: Beds, borders, container rose, cut flower, or garden.
    • Disease Resistance: Very disease resistant.

Elevate your garden with the AUStamora Apricot Shrub, a stunning member of the English Rose Collection bred by the legendary David C. H. Austin. Boasting captivating apricot-yellow blooms with a myrrh fragrance, this medium-sized, compact shrub is adorned with small, semi-glossy, dark green foliage. With an average diameter of 3.5 inches, the blooms, featuring a darker center and lighter edges, bloom abundantly in small clusters throughout the season. Hardy in USDA zones 5b through 10b, this disease-resistant beauty is perfect for beds, borders, containers, or as a cut flower. Embrace timeless elegance with the Tamora Shrub.

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