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Aunt Margy's

Aunt Margy's

 (Aunt Margy's) - The Thumbelina Rose

Aunt Margy's, also known as Thumbelina, is a charming rose variety with petite blooms reminiscent of the size of a thumb. Originating from Italy, this miniature rose is celebrated for its prolific and continuous blooming.

Basic Information:

  • Color: Pink-purple / Purple-red

Flower Characteristics:

  • Fragrance: Strong
  • Flowering Period: Repeated throughout the seasons
  • Diameter: 2-3 cm (0.79-1.18 inches)
  • Flower Production: Extremely prolific bloomer

Growth and Characteristics:

  • Height: Up to 120 cm (47.24 inches); as a miniature rose, it can be cultivated at a height of 35-60 cm.
  • Branch Type: Thin and flexible
  • Branching Pattern: Well-branched, multiple flowering branches
  • Vigor: Continuous blooming, even with small and delicate branches
  • Adaptability: Suitable for both ground planting and grafting for standard rose cultivation

Disease Resistance and Adaptability:

  • Disease Resistance: Strong
  • Cold Resistance: Unknown
  • Heat Resistance: Unknown

Cultivation Information: -Aunt Margy's petite blooms, approximately the size of a one-yuan coin, are individually stunning. When in full bloom, the entire plant becomes a spectacle of these vibrant purple-hued flowers. With a height reaching up to 120 cm, or when cultivated as a miniature rose, maintained at 35-60 cm, Aunt Margy's versatility is evident.

  • The branches of Aunt Margy's are delicate, contributing to its graceful appearance. Despite their softness, the branches exhibit good branching and flower continuously throughout the year. This rose can also be grafted for standard rose cultivation, producing a lovely "lollipop" effect.

  • Aunt Margy's is not only suitable for traditional garden planting but also thrives in pots, making it an excellent choice for balcony gardens. Its adaptability and constant blooming make it a delightful and versatile addition to any space.

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