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Coffret - Japan 2019

Coffret - Japan 2019

Introducing 'Coffret,' a captivating shrub rose bred by Makiko Kawamoto in Japan before 2020. This delightful rose variety adds a touch of elegance to gardens with its unique features and enchanting characteristics.

Basic Information:

  • Breeder: Makiko Kawamoto (Japan)
  • Introduction Year: Before 2020
  • Type: Shrub Rose

Blossom Characteristics:

  • Color: Lilac, with light green outer petals
  • Fragrance: Medium tea fragrance
  • Petals: 26 to 40, full form
  • Bloom Clusters: Small clusters
  • Flowering: Blooms in flushes throughout the growing season
  • Duration: Individual flowers last more than 7 days
  • Color Change: Flowers change to green as they mature

Plant Characteristics:

  • Size: Height typically ranges from 4 feet 11 inches to 5¼ feet (about 150 to 160 cm)

Distinctive Features:

  • Fragrance: The medium tea fragrance adds a delightful sensory experience to the garden.
  • Color Change: The unique transformation of flower color to green as they mature adds an interesting dimension to the rose's visual appeal.
  • Extended Blooming: Known for blooming in flushes, ensuring a continuous display of flowers throughout the growing season.
  • Disease Resistance: 'Coffret' is praised for its strong resistance against diseases, enhancing its overall resilience and longevity in the garden.

Growth and Care:

  • Height Range: 4 feet 11 inches to 5¼ feet (about 150 to 160 cm)
  • Care: 'Coffret' is a low-maintenance shrub rose, known for its robust disease resistance, making it an excellent choice for gardeners seeking an easy-to-care-for yet visually stunning addition to their gardens.

With its lilac-colored blooms, delightful fragrance, extended blooming period, and disease resistance, 'Coffret' stands out as a charming and resilient shrub rose, creating a picturesque and fragrant haven in any garden.

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