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Vanilla Catalina-Japan 2018

Vanilla Catalina-Japan 2018

Vanilla Catalina is a bud mutation variety discovered in Japan in 2018, stemming from the original Catalina rose. While sharing similar characteristics with Catalina, Vanilla Catalina distinguishes itself with its predominant apricot color, whereas Catalina features a primary yellow hue.

Basic Information:

  • Japanese Name: バニラカタリナ
  • English Name: Vanilla Catalina
  • Height: 80-100 cm (31.50-39.37 inches)

Blossom Characteristics:

  • Color: Light cream yellow
  • Fragrance: Light
  • Flowering Period: Repeated throughout the seasons
  • Diameter: 6-9 cm (2.36-3.54 inches)
  • Flower Production: Prolific bloomer

Growth and Characteristics:

  • Vigor: Vigorous growth habit
  • Cold Resistance: Unknown
  • Heat Resistance: Unknown

Origin and Breeding:

  • Origin: Japan

Additional Notes:

  • Vanilla Catalina is a charming rose variety with a double bloom structure, featuring a delightful cream yellow color. The blossoms emit a light fragrance, adding a subtle and pleasant scent to the garden. With its prolific blooming nature throughout the seasons, Vanilla Catalina showcases a continuous display of its beautiful flowers.

  • While its growth characteristics are known to be vigorous, it is important to note that Vanilla Catalina is susceptible to black spot disease. The resistance to cold and heat is currently unspecified.

  • Originating in Japan and discovered in 2018, the breeder of Vanilla Catalina remains unknown. This rose variety offers a unique color variation, contributing to the diversity of roses available to enthusiasts and gardeners.

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