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Tropicana Hybrid Tea Rose

Unveil the unparalleled elegance of the Tropicana Hybrid Tea Rose, a masterpiece cultivated by the skilled hands of Christian Evers in Germany in 2012. This exquisite rose, introduced to the world by Rosen-Tantau/Tantau Roses in 2018 under the name 'Tropicana,' is a testament to nature's artistry.


  • Florists' Delight: Tropicana is not just a rose; it's a florists' dream. Its blooms, starting in a soft apricot hue and aging gracefully to a radiant yellow, steal the spotlight in any floral arrangement.

  • Sensory Symphony: Immerse yourself in the enchanting Maracuja fragrance that accompanies each bloom. Tropicana boasts a strong, captivating scent, adding a layer of sensory delight to your garden.

  • Breathtaking Bloom Form: Picture-perfect in every way, the blooms of Tropicana exhibit a medium to large, very full cupped form with an average diameter of 3.5 inches. With over 41 petals adorning each flower, it's a sight to behold.

  • Season-Long Splendor: Tropicana is not a one-time wonder. Revel in its beauty throughout the season as it blooms in flushes, ensuring a continuous display of nature's finest artistry.

  • Elegant Upright Growth: Standing tall and proud, Tropicana rises to heights of 31 to 47 inches, with a width spanning 16 to 22 inches. Its upright stature showcases the glossy, dark green foliage that acts as a lush backdrop to the stunning blooms.


  • Class: Hybrid Tea
  • Fragrance: Maracuja (Passion Fruit)
  • Height: 31" to 47" (80 to 120cm)
  • Width: 16" to 22" (40 to 55cm)
  • Introduced: 2018, Germany
  • Breeder: Christian Evers

Invite the charm and sophistication of Tropicana into your garden, where every bloom tells a story of beauty, fragrance, and nature's timeless allure.

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    $45.99Sale Price
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