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Strawberry Macaron-Japan

Strawberry Macaron-Japan

Name: Strawberry Macaron
Plant Family: Shrub
Color: Cream with pink shading
Fragrance: None to Mild
Repeat: Yes
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-9 (unconfirmed)
Mature Size: 3 feet

"Strawberry Macaron" is a delightful shrub rose variety that adds a touch of elegance to any garden. Its cream-colored blooms with delicate pink shading create a soft and enchanting aesthetic.

While the fragrance of "Strawberry Macaron" ranges from none to mild, its visual charm more than compensates for the absence of strong scent. The cupped bloom form, featuring layers of petals, adds depth and character to the flowers. The edges of the petals display a gentle light pink hue, transitioning gracefully into a cream-colored center.

This rose variety is characterized by its ability to bloom in flushes throughout the growing season. This means that you can enjoy its beautiful and dainty blooms repeatedly, enhancing the overall allure of your garden.

"Bred by Hiroshi Ogawa (Japan, 2010)," "Strawberry Macaron" showcases the expertise of its breeder in creating a captivating rose variety. As a patio rose, it reaches a height of up to 32 inches (80cm), making it suitable for compact spaces or container gardening.

With its cream and pink blooms, elegant cupped form, and mild fragrance, "Strawberry Macaron" invites a touch of romance to your outdoor environment. Its ability to bloom repeatedly and its petite stature further contribute to its desirability for garden enthusiasts.

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