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Cinnabar Bowl /Zhu Sha Wan- China 2022

Cinnabar Bowl /Zhu Sha Wan- China 2022

Name: Zhusha Wan
Breeder: Bred by Zhengzhi Jiang in 2022, China
Plant Type: Cutting Florist Rose
Flower Form: Very cute cupping shape
Flower Color: Vigorous and vibrant
Repeat Flowering: Excellent repeat bloomer
Flower Size: 6-10cm

"Zhusha Wan" is an exquisite cutting florist rose variety thoughtfully bred by Zhengzhi Jiang in the year 2022. Its charming cupping shape adds a touch of endearment to the garden, while its vibrant and vigorous color makes it a standout feature.

This rose's exceptional trait is its remarkable ability to produce blooms in multiple cycles throughout the growing season. This trait ensures that your garden is consistently adorned with its captivating flowers. The blooms themselves are of a modest size, ranging from 6 to 10cm, making them perfect for floral arrangements and enhancing their versatility.

"Zhusha Wan" encapsulates both aesthetics and practicality, making it a valuable choice for gardeners and florists alike. Its cupping shape and lively color bring a delightful charm to any setting, while its repeat blooming ensures an ongoing display of its floral beauty.

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