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Yves Sion

Yves Sion

Yves Sion Rose (伊芙紫苑)

Overview: Yves Sion Rose is a bud mutation, known for its distinctive large bun-shaped blooms. The outer petals showcase a white hue, while the inner petals feature shades of purple-pink. As the flowers unfurl, the purple color gradually lightens. This rose emits a strong Damask fragrance.


  • Japanese Name: イヴシオン 
  • English Name: Yves Sion
  • Color: White with Purple-Pink mix
  • Fragrance: Strong Damask
  • Bloom Season: Multi-season repeat bloomer
  • Diameter of Flowers: 8-10cm
  • Flowering Habit: Prolific bloomer
  • Disease Resistance: Unknown
  • Cold Resistance: Unknown
  • Heat Resistance: Unknown
  • Place of Origin: Japan

Characteristics: Yves Sion Rose displays large bun-shaped flowers with a unique color pattern. The blooms emit a strong Damask fragrance. Despite the name suggesting a purple hue, the flowers can appear in white-pink and white-purple hues. The innermost petals carry a deep purple or pink color, while the outer petals remain white. When used for vase arrangements, the color may deepen. It is a fast-growing rose, especially with adequate watering, often used for cutting or floral arrangements.

Color Change: Yes, Yves Sion Rose undergoes color changes. When grown in the ground, the usual color is white-pink. To encourage a faster transition to its characteristic purple color, early vase arrangements are recommended.

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