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Rouge de Parfum

Rouge de Parfum

Rouge de Parfum Rose (伊芙胭脂香水)

Overview: Rouge de Parfum Rose is a member of the Yves series, inheriting the rich fragrance typical of the collection. With strong volatility, its distinctive blossoms resemble peonies, displaying a vibrant hue of rose-pink or deep fuchsia. The large flower diameter can reach up to 10cm.


  • English Name: Rouge de Parfum
  • Japanese Name: ジュ・ドゥ・パルファム
  • Color: Deep Fuchsia
  • Fragrance: Intense
  • Bloom Season: Multi-season repeat bloomer
  • Diameter of Flowers: 8-10cm
  • Flowering Habit: Prolific bloomer
  • Disease Resistance: Unknown
  • Cold Resistance: Unknown
  • Heat Resistance: Unknown
  • Place of Origin: Japan

Characteristics: Rouge de Parfum Rose showcases flowers that closely resemble peonies, with a deep rose-pink hue and a subtly exposed flower center. The back of the petals has a silver-white tint. The fragrance is intensely aromatic, combining fruity, myrrh, and old rose scents. The glossy leaves, large and fragrant flowers, and extended bloom period of approximately ten days make it suitable for both cut flower arrangements and garden cultivation. The self-cleaning nature of its flowers adds to its appeal.

Unique Features: What sets Rouge de Parfum Rose apart is its flower structure, resembling peonies, and the gradual variation in flower color. The color on the first day can differ from the second day, adding a unique touch to its overall charm. The plant has a moderate size, making it suitable for mass planting in gardens, container cultivation for ornamental purposes, or harvesting as cut flowers.

Rouge de Parfum Rose is known for its versatility and wide range of applications, making it an excellent choice for various gardening and decorative purposes.

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