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Silk Garment-China

Silk Garment-China

Name: Silk Garment
Plant Family: Climbing
Color: Pink, lighter outer petals
Fragrance: Strong
Repeat: Yes
USDA Hardiness Zone: unknown
Mature Size: 6’-12’


Introducing the Silk Garment Rose, a captivating member of the climbing rose family. With its enchanting pink hue and lighter outer petals, this Chinese climbing rose stands out not only for its alluring color but also for its potent fragrance. The strong, delightful scent accompanies the rose's frequent and abundant blooms.

Thriving in various climates, Silk Garment is heat-resistant, ensuring its vitality even in warmer conditions. Additionally, this rose boasts robust disease resistance, contributing to its overall resilience and health.

Ideal for those seeking a climbing rose with both aesthetic appeal and practical durability, Silk Garment promises to grace your garden with beauty and fragrance, standing tall at a mature size ranging from 6 to 12 feet. Embrace the elegance of Silk Garment as it climbs and blossoms, creating a stunning focal point in your outdoor space.

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