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Fire Ruffle

Fire Ruffle

Behold the distinctive beauty of the FireRuffle Rose, featuring intricately fringed petals that unfurl like the delicate layers of a chrysanthemum. Its blossoms showcase a yellow hue with subtle red edges, emitting a moderate fragrance and reaching an impressive diameter of up to 3.5 inches.

Key Features:

  • Alias: Unknown
  • English Name: FireRuffle
  • Height: 2.6 feet (80cm)
  • Flower Type: Double
  • Color: Yellow with subtle red edges
  • Fragrance: Moderate
  • Blooming Period: Prolific bloomer throughout the seasons
  • Flower Diameter: 3.5 inches

Characteristics and Origin:

The unique FireRuffle Rose hails from the Netherlands, with specific characteristics yet to be disclosed. Its double blooms, reminiscent of chrysanthemums, unfold with distinct fringed edges, creating an enchanting display. The plant exhibits a moderate upright growth habit and is known for its frequent and abundant flowering.

Cultivation Notes:

With a loose yet easily attainable standard flower form, FireRuffle Rose resembles a blooming chrysanthemum. Despite its slightly lax structure, this rose effortlessly produces standard flowers, akin to the vibrant burst of fireworks. The plant has a moderate upright growth habit, making it suitable for various garden settings.

FireRuffle Rose, introduced in 2014, is a rare and new addition to the world of roses, distinguished by its prominent fringed edges. Ideal for potted ornamental purposes, its compact size and large flowers make it a captivating choice. While it may not be a prolific multi-headed bloomer, its long stems and distinctive frills add a touch of elegance to container plantings, compensating for any limitations in flower quantity.

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