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  • Bred by: "Flamingo" was bred by Howard in 1956.

  • Plant Type: This rose is categorized as a grandiflora and hybrid tea rose.

  • Flower Color: The flowers are described as salmon-pink, possibly with deep pink and salmon-pink shading. This color combination creates a visually appealing display.

  • Fragrance: The rose features a moderate fragrance, contributing a subtle scent to the garden.

  • Petals: The blooms are abundant in petals, with a count ranging from 67 to 70, creating a lush appearance.

  • Bloom Form: The flowers have a very large and very full, cupped, old-fashioned bloom form with over 41 petals. This classic shape adds a touch of nostalgia to the garden.

  • Bloom Period: "Flamingo" produces flushes of blooms throughout the growing season, ensuring a continuous display of its charming flowers.

  • Repeat Flowering: The rose is noted for its excellent repeat flowering, meaning it blooms multiple times within the season.

  • Disease Resistance: This variety boasts strong disease resistance, contributing to the overall health and longevity of the plant. The presence of healthy green leaves is an indicator of the plant's vigor.

  • Hardiness Zone: "Flamingo" is suitable for USDA hardiness zones 6 to 9, making it adaptable to a range of climates.

  • Mature Size: At maturity, the rose reaches a height of 5 feet, which is a manageable size for various garden layouts.

"Rosa Flamingo" offers a blend of elegance and charm with its distinctive flower color, classic bloom form, and moderate fragrance. Its repeat flowering and disease resistance make it a practical and attractive choice for gardeners seeking a reliable and beautiful rose variety. Its adaptability to different hardiness zones adds to its versatility and appeal.

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