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  • Bred by: Eugene S. Boerner in the United States in 1953.

  • Plant Type: "Parade" is categorized as a climber, floribunda, and large-flowered climber rose.

  • Flower Color: The flowers are deep pink, creating a bold and vibrant visual impact.

  • Fragrance: The rose features a mild fragrance, adding a gentle scent to the garden environment.

  • Petals: The blooms boast 33 petals, contributing to a lush and full appearance.

  • Bloom Form: The flowers have a large, cupped bloom form, adding to their charming and inviting appearance.

  • Bloom Period: "Parade" blooms in flushes throughout the growing season, ensuring a consistent display of its deep pink flowers.

  • Growth Characteristics: The rose is known for its fast growth and its healthy green leaves. It exhibits strong disease resistance, adding to its overall health.

  • Climbing Habit: "Parade" is a climber rose, and it can be trained to climb on trellises or arbors. This makes it suitable for adding vertical interest to the garden.

  • Height and Width: The rose can reach a height of 7 to 12 feet (215 to 365 cm) and a width of up to 8 feet (245 cm), providing a vertical and lush presence in the garden.

  • Hardiness Zone: "Parade" is suitable for USDA hardiness zone 6b and warmer, indicating that it can thrive in a range of climates.

"Parade" offers a striking display of deep pink flowers, mild fragrance, and a climbing growth habit that can be utilized to create vertical beauty in the garden. Its fast growth, disease resistance, and adaptability to different hardiness zones make it a valuable addition to various garden designs. Whether trained on trellises, arbors, or other supports, "Parade" brings a lively and captivating presence to outdoor spaces.

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