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Blue Pompon

Blue Pompon

  • Origin: Bred in Germany in 2014.

  • Flower Color: The rose displays a lovely lavender or purple color, creating an eye-catching and charming appearance.

  • Bloom Form: The blooms have a cute and tight cupping shape, which adds to their visual appeal.

  • Bloom Characteristics: "Blue Pompon" produces clusters of flowers, enhancing its overall impact. This type of blooming pattern can create a striking display of color.

  • Heat Resistance: This rose variety is noted for its strong heat resistance, which makes it suitable for regions with warmer climates.

  • Repeat Flowering: It excels in repeat flowering, meaning it produces multiple waves of blooms throughout the growing season. This characteristic ensures a continuous display of its lovely flowers.

  • Flower Size: The size of the flowers is approximately 6 to 8 cm, providing a compact yet impactful bloom.

  • Fragrance: The rose emits a medium fragrance, contributing to the sensory experience of the garden.

  • Stem and Branching: "Blue Pompon" is described as having straight stems and natural branching, which can enhance the aesthetic arrangement of its flowers.

  • Growth in Pot: The rose can be grown in a pot, particularly a 5-gallon or larger container. This is a convenient option for those who have limited garden space or prefer container gardening.

  • Foliage: The rose is adorned with healthy green leaves that complement the beauty of its blooms.

Overall, "Blue Pompon" is a versatile and charming rose variety with its striking color, cute cupping shape, and suitability for container gardening. Its repeat flowering, heat resistance, and attractive foliage make it a valuable addition to various garden designs and settings.

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