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Les Fraises-Japan

Les Fraises-Japan

"Les Fraises" is a delightful rose variety with its distinct characteristics:

  • Origin: Bred in Japan by 2014.

  • Flower Color: The flowers of "Les Fraises" have white edges with pink in the center, creating a lovely bi-color effect.

  • Fragrance: This rose boasts a strong fragrance that is noticeable even from a far distance. A captivating scent can greatly enhance the overall appeal of a rose.

  • Bloom Characteristics: It's noted for repeat flowering very well, meaning it produces multiple waves of blooms throughout the growing season. This trait ensures a continuous display of flowers.

  • Vase Life: "Les Fraises" has a long vase life, making it a suitable choice for use as a florist cutting rose. The ability to maintain its freshness in arrangements is valuable for floristry.

  • Mature Height: The mature height of this rose variety is about 80 to 120 cm (31 to 47 inches), which is a manageable size for most garden settings.

  • Flower Size: The flowers vary in size, ranging from 8 to 10 cm (approximately 3 to 4 inches). This size range offers a pleasing visual diversity among the blooms.

"Les Fraises" is a well-rounded rose variety with its attractive color combination, strong fragrance, repeat flowering, and versatility for both garden planting and as a florist cutting rose. Its longevity in vase arrangements, along with its manageable size, enhances its desirability for various uses.

    Expected Ship by Spring, 2024
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