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Misaki - Japan

Misaki - Japan

  • Origin: Bred by Keiji Kunieda in Japan, before 2007.

  • Flower Color: The flowers of "Misaki" are light pink, with lighter outer petals. This coloration creates a soft and delicate appearance.

  • Fragrance: The rose boasts a strong fragrance that is described as damask and fruity. A fragrant rose adds an extra sensory dimension to the garden.

  • Bloom Form: The blooms have a medium size with a very full form, consisting of 41 or more petals. Their cupped shape enhances their visual appeal.

  • Bloom Period: "Misaki" is known for blooming in flushes throughout the growing season. This means it produces multiple waves of blooms, providing a continuous display.

  • Growth Habit: The rose has a slow-growing nature and can reach a height of up to 32 inches (approximately 80 cm). Its compact size makes it suitable for pot cultivation, which can create an adorable and compact garden view. It's also a great choice for small spaces.

  • Repeat Flowering: This rose variety excels in repeat flowering, ensuring that it continues to produce blooms consistently.

  • Vase Life: "Misaki" has an impressive vase life of 7 days or more. This makes it a suitable choice for use as a florist cutting rose, particularly for short stem arrangements.

Overall, "Misaki" seems to be a versatile and delightful rose variety with its fragrant blooms, compact growth habit, and suitability for both garden cultivation and as a cut flower. Its charming cupped blooms, lovely fragrance, and adaptability to pot cultivation make it an ideal choice for those looking to add beauty and fragrance to limited spaces.

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