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Robe a La Francaise CL  Japan 2011

Robe a La Francaise CL Japan 2011

  • Origin: Bred by Junko Kawamoto in Japan in 2011.

  • Growth Habit: This rose can be used as both a shrub and a short climbing rose. This flexibility in usage offers options for different garden designs.

  • Flower Color: The flowers of "Rope a la Francaise" are pink with tan shading and a darker reverse. As they age, they transition to a mauve hue. This color progression adds visual interest and depth to the blooms.

  • Fragrance: The rose emits a mild myrrh fragrance, contributing to the sensory experience of the garden.

  • Bloom Form: The blooms have a medium to large size and a very full form with 41 or more petals. Their cupped shape adds to their charm.

  • Bloom Period: This rose variety blooms in flushes throughout the growing season, ensuring a consistent display of flowers.

  • Repeat Flowering: "Rope a la Francaise" is noted for its excellent repeat flowering capabilities, meaning it produces multiple waves of blooms over the season.

  • Disease Resistance: It's described as having strong disease resistance, which is a valuable trait for maintaining the health and longevity of the plant.

  • Foliage: The rose is adorned with very healthy green leaves that contribute to the overall vitality of the plant.

  • Height: The mature height of "Rope a la Francaise" ranges from 4 feet 11 inches to 8 feet 2 inches (approximately 150 to 250 cm), offering flexibility in terms of where it can be placed in the garden.

Overall, "Rope a la Francaise" appears to be a versatile and attractive rose variety with its beautiful coloration, fragrance, and strong disease resistance. Its ability to be used as both a shrub and a short climbing rose provides options for different garden settings, and its repeat flowering nature ensures a continuous show of blooms.

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