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My Beauty   Japan 2014

My Beauty Japan 2014

  • Origin: Bred in Japan in 2014.

  • Flower Color: The flowers of "My Beauty" are described as very cute, with deep pink or purple cluster flowers that feature a cream white cupping center. This color combination creates an eye-catching and appealing visual contrast.

  • Fragrance: This rose boasts a strong fragrance, adding a delightful sensory aspect to its beauty.

  • Bloom Characteristics: "My Beauty" is noted for repeat flowering very well, producing multiple waves of blooms throughout the growing season. This trait ensures a prolonged display of its attractive flowers.

  • Plant Size: The shrub grows to be about 80 cm (approximately 31 inches) tall. Its compact size makes it suitable for various garden settings.

  • Heat Resistance: While "My Beauty" has a weak heat resistance, it's still capable of thriving and producing beautiful blooms in spring and fall. The ability to bloom in different seasons can extend its appeal and use in garden designs.

  • Summer Flowering: The summer flowering performance is described as average (soso), suggesting that the quality and quantity of blooms during this season might be less compared to its more robust spring and fall displays.

  • Usage: "My Beauty" is noted as a florist cutting rose, indicating that its attractive flowers and strong fragrance make it suitable for floral arrangements. Its repeat flowering and unique color combination add to its value in floristry.

Overall, "My Beauty" appears to be a lovely rose variety with its distinctive coloration, strong fragrance, and ability to produce blooms in multiple seasons. Its compact size and suitability for floristry make it a versatile choice for gardeners and florists alike.

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