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Notre Dame

Notre Dame

'Notre Dame' is a cutting rose variety proudly produced by the VIP Farm, making its debut in 2020. The color palette of this enchanting rose falls within the Mauve range, with shades of pink-purple and hints of brown. It produces abundant blooms that, when trimmed and placed in a vase after flowering, exhibit a cool color tone, making it a versatile choice for floral arrangements. The single blooms boast an exceptionally long flowering period.


Plant Characteristics:

  • Plant Height: 3-4ft
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Breeder: VIP Rose
  • Release Year: 2020

Description of Flowers: The blooms of 'Notre Dame' have a diameter of approximately 8-10 cm. They feature a light pink-purple color in the center, with outer petals showing a hint of green. The flowers exhibit soft, natural colors and a stunning fragrance. The thick petals make them suitable for floral arrangements, and they can last for about 10 days when cut and placed in a vase.

Pros and Cons:

  • Color: Unique vintage shades of purple-gray.
  • Flowering Period: Relatively long, with buds taking about a week to fully open.
  • Disease Resistance: Strong, low maintenance with minimal susceptibility to diseases.
  • Fragrance: Strong lychee fragrance, reminiscent of molten lava but more fragrant.
  • Upright Growth: Strong, ideal for use as a cutting rose.
  • Special Features: Small, charming flowers with a vintage color scheme rarely seen in cutting roses.
  • Rain Resistance: Resistant; blooms remain impressive even in rainy weather.

'Notre Dame' rose will bring a unique color and fragrance to your garden, showcasing robust plant growth and captivating flowers, making your garden a vibrant and delightful space.

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