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Wedding Road

Wedding Road

Wedding Road - An Exquisite White Cut Rose

Wedding Road is a pure white cut rose. This rose boasts a pristine, unblemished color, coupled with a remarkably strong myrrh fragrance. It exhibits excellent heat resistance, disease resistance, and an upright growth habit. With each single flower having a blooming period of approximately four days, Wedding Road is an outstanding variety among pure white roses.

  • English Name: Wedding Road
  • Flower Type: Double
  • Color: White
  • Fragrance: Strong myrrh
  • Blooming Period: Multiple seasons of repeat flowering
  • Bloom Diameter: 10cm (3.94 inches)
  • Flowering Frequency: Prolific
  • Disease Resistance: Strong
  • Cold Resistance: Unknown
  • Heat Resistance: Excellent
  • Wedding Road features exceptionally large flowers, reaching up to ten centimeters (3.94 inches) in diameter, with a beautifully compact flower form. Its immaculate appearance, characterized by pure white color, makes it highly favored for bridal bouquets. The rose's flawless beauty, inherent romantic name, and pure white allure captivate admirers at first sight, carrying with it the auspicious symbolism of happiness.
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